our story


Since the mid 90s, we’ve built multi-platform, interactive shows and events. Long before social responsibility became the trend, we've had a flair for translating ideas into words / pictures, and took a chance at the forefront of creating unique, cause-related campaigns. Our approach to branding is communicating subtle luxury. Our interest is entertainment, entertainment. Even our name has a reason…

A movie “reel” is incomplete until your audience hears the sound. You manage the volume. Your story is incomplete unless you can show who you are & what you do. Our brand journalists and visual designers are storytellers who create complete, customized solutions in diverse digital & traditional media to SHOW YOUR STORY. Our experience in brand creation, development and management, using unique concepts in events to help you develop integrated brand campaigns, across varied platforms.

Reel volume is also measurement. A spool for cable wire is called a reel. Before you cut the cable that fits on the reel, you have to plan, measure and think of the logistics of placing the cable on that reel. The volume must be measured! We are writers, connectors, catalysts, communication experts, and a creative event production team with over 20 years experience. We create strategic, branding campaigns from concept to design, event production, logistics and execution. Our niche is large-scale high-profile events & tours, tying business strategies to cultural-specific experiential marketing.