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“Tell me, tell me, tell me like I was there.”

Folklore has a signal for the anticipatory start of a tale. With hundreds of interviews, this was the catalyst of shared vignettes of personal history. Those who run mission-based organisations motivated me to share stories to inspire and affect change. Our writers put words of magic into the air and their mere whisper instigates me to do more.

Those stories, sparks of imagination turned into spectacular stage shows, community events, conferences and event marketing tours over 20+ years. During that time, I have trained entertainers, professional athletes, non-profit board leaders, healthcare professionals and the public sector on personal branding.

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We have pulled together multi-pronged services to assist leaders to guide, assist and find efficient solutions, especially after a significant course of change. While we work with the strategic part of branding, our trusted and established teams provide expertise and options in technology, digital innovation, film production and more.

Psychology, social and organisational behaviour remains at the core of my work but community development experience, the most significant teacher. With several years of social research, we create a system for our leadership and cultural impact sessions. Today, we help amazingly strong people become even better versions of their story. Let us show you the way to “there”.



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